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Do I need a battery
bank for a solar system? 

With current technology and regulations solar systems are being tied into your panels without battery banks.  When your production exceeds your house consumption the power is sold back to the grid through a two way meter which your utility provider installs.  This sold power becomes a credit on your account. 

Do I need to re-roof? 

The solar system can be installed on existing shingles.  Ideally the roofing is less than 10 years old so that you will get a good lifetime before you have to re-roof. 


Will it increase the likelihood
that my roof leaks?

The solar panel mounts bolt through your roof and form a water tight seal.  In addition aluminum flashing overlaps the bolt and slides up under the previous rows of shingles.  This arrangement ensures that when properly installed your current shingles will last longer then they would otherwise. 

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